Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gotta Eat! Dinah's Family Restaurant

My office recently moved from Beverly Hills to West Los Angeles near the airport.  On my way in, I noticed a sign for All You Can Eat specials at Dinah's with ribs, spaghetti and fried chicken and knew I just had to try that out.  Our second official day in the new space, some co-workers and I ventured over to the old school establishment that is apparently a historical landmark in Los Angeles.  The inside is pure vintage and surprisingly spacious.  A chalkboard listed the day's specials with All You Can Eat Spaghetti, Strogonoff or Ribs along with you know, regular sized portions.  After to-ing and fro-ing, 2/3 of the party decided to go for it and get the AYCE pork ribs.  While waiting, we received two kinds of bread to start but I had to refrain from eating it all because I needed to leave room for meat.  I opted for fries and broccoli to attempt to get some fiber in today and soon a rack of beautiful meat goodness was presented to me.  The first rack was Damme tasty, not the best ribs I ever had but certainly not the worst.  Our server, who was great, didn't want us to wait and brought out another half rack and soon the meat sweats started but I burned right through the first rack and into the half.  I called it a day after 1 1/2 racks then tried some of the famous fried chicken which was very tasty.  Nicely seasoned with crispy skin and the breast meat was very juicy.  I could have used some froyo to finish my meal but it just wasn't meant to be.  After the meal, my other AYCE co-worker was headed straight into a food coma but I felt surprisingly excellent and named my meat baby Elroy.

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