Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gotta Drank! Dave & Buster's

Right across the street from our new office is a Dave & Buster's.  You know, the arcade for adults?  I've never been to one but noticed the chain and it's competitor GameWorks popping up all over the country in the last 10 years.  Their specials are actually pretty great and include an hour of gaming for $10, half off cocktails, discounts on beer and wine then $1 tacos on Tuesdays!  Gaming wise I was a bit disappointed as it's mostly shooting or racing games with some ticket spewers in between.  Not a single fighting game or old school side scrolling punch or shoot'em up.  You heard that right, an arcade without Street Fighter!  Shooting games included Aliens and Rambo which were both cool as they incorporated the vibe from the films, especially Rambo that spliced in footage of Stallone and Richard Crenna from First Blood, Part II and III.  When you killed enough bad guys you went into Rage mode complete with Stallone yell.  No Time Crisis though!  Among the driving options were  Fast and the Furious and Mario Kart which was much fun and of course I used my boy Wario cause he's a gonna win!

It was no rundown bowling alley near Korean BBQ but Dave & Buster's just might be the new Happy Hour spot.

But VienDammage, how will you live?  "Day by day..."


  1. Duvien,

    What a great blog! I'm having a blast reading through your posts. I'm an 80s baby, so I'm right there with you on your love 80s/90s action movies and the action heroes of yesteryear. Keep it up! Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Adrian! Let me know what your favorite 80's and 90's things are and we can do a guest spotlight!