Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Workout of the Day: Double Pumped & Dolph Week!

On top of it being Dolph Week, I'm also in the midst of a huge project at the office that will require 11 straight long days of work.  No big deal, I've planned the work and will work the plan.  Remember, be a Doer!  To maximize my daily output, I've set myself on a sleep schedule from 12:00 - 6:00AM because once you're mentally prepared, the body will follow.  With time being of the essence, my training needs to be short and sweet and fit into my day whenever it can.  Whether that means yoga and jumping rope in the morning, a quick weight session at night or taking 20 flights of stairs at work, it's up to me not to use a busy schedule as an excuse to pig out all week.  Dolph would not approve.  A while back I posted a routine where I did two exercises for the same body part in a row and dubbed it the Double Pump, you fine readers seemed to enjoy it so here's a workout I got in over this past weekend that got me swole up in record time.  The key is to do two exercises that don't tax the muscles in the same fashion.  That way you're not wearing out your joints and tendons, risking injury.

Chest: Push up and DB Fly - To build, stretch and shape the pectoral muscles
Back: Chin and Barbell Row - For lat width and upper back thickness
Triceps: Dips and DB Side Extensions - For mass and definition of the horse shoe
Biceps: Barbell Curl and DB Hammer Curl - For density, shape and width along with forearms
Delts: Arnold Press and DB Side Raises - Shape, mass and definition

Since I was under a time crunch, performing the exercises back to back got my muscles engorged quickly while keeping my heart rate up.  That's 10 exercises per Giant Set and I repeated the circuit 3 times for a total of 30 sets to work my entire upper body.  Later that night, I started to get a bit tight and sore which is always a good sign and then I slept like a person who likes to sleep a lot.

Wanting to get some cardio in and work my legs, I took a page from Dolph's Maximum Potential and completed the Warm Up, Cardio, Leg Sculpting and Abdominal portions and jump roped during the Upper Body section since I had just trained Chest and Biceps at 6:00 AM.  You wouldn't think 12 sets of body squats, lunges and calf raises would be very difficult but boy howdy, the pace Dolph sets and doing 4 sets straight for one body part had my legs screaming and I was dripping a sweat.  During the Abdominal part I paused the video after each exercise and got in 300 quick skips with the rope and threw in an extra set of trunk twists with a pole on my back.  Now it was time for some meditation to slow down my brain and some salmon, rice and salad for dinner before doing some more work.

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