Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Workout of the Day: Bar None

Working out at home, you gotta make things convenient for yourself or it's just too Damme easy to lay down on the couch and watch more Deadwood, Cobra, Spartacus or Wings.  When planning my training, I try to use the same equipment for multiple exercises in order to be able to move between sets with little down time, thus keeping myself in a breathless state.  This past weekend I utilized a Triple Threat Giant Set to work my Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps.

1)  Barbell Shoulder Press - Lowering the weight in front of my chin, focusing on keeping elbows back and lower back locked into position to avoid straining - if you lower behind the head, really pull those elbows back and don't go down too far to avoid shearing
2)  Bent Over Barbell Curl - Standing Barbell Curls can put pressure on your wrists and elbows, bending down takes that risk out and keeps your delts from getting involved
3)  JM Press - From Larry Scott's routine, a skullcrusher meets close grip bench press where you lower the bar towards your chin so your elbows move forward

1)  Dumbbell Upright Row
2)  Dumbbell Incline Curl - Stand with your back against a door frame then step forward so you slide down a few inches, mimicking the angle of an incline bench, start with weights at your side and curl up, turning your pinky up towards the ceiling
3)  Lying DB Tricep Extension - Lowering to the side of my head, one arm at a time

1)  DB Raises, Scott and Van Damme style - Using light DB's, bend elbows, raising weight to your waist then doing 5 raises to the side, rear and front with slow control
2)  Concentration Curl - Since DB's were already loaded with weight from previous set, the concentration curl is a perfect exercise that requires heavier poundage
3)  DB Kickback - Using heavier weight, bend at the waist and grab a bench, drawer or doorknob and pull the weight up like a row but when elbow reaches parallel to body, kickback

Followed up by some forearm and neck exercises and my weight training was complete.

Take it to the limit!  With sunglasses on:

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