Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gotta Eat! Baby's Badass Burgers

Despite the gaudy and glam, too cool for school, "celeb" friendly truck,"hot chicks serving burgers" motif, Baby's Badass Burgers is pretty good eating.  All of their beef offerings come in 1/2 pound sizes on sweet and soft Hawaiian rolls and are surprisingly not too heavy.  The fries are nice and crisp but today I was hongree and opted for a sandwich only dubbed "The Bombshell", a burger sandwiched between 2 bacon grilled cheese melts w grilled onions and special sauce on the side.  Yup, you read that right, a 1/2 lb burger with grilled cheese sammiches for buns.  Figuring the feast would send me into a food coma I was shocked that I didn't feel too heavy after and wasn't hit with a case of the Z's during the mid afternoon.  Maybe next time I'll drink a margarita and smoke a cigarette while consuming like they do at that Vegas joint with burgers named after heart surgeries where people actually have heart attacks...

Working my way up to 5lb burger and 5lbs of fries status:

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