Monday, June 16, 2014

Gotta Drank! Carthay Circle Restaurant @ Disney California Adventure Park

For whatever reason, you can't drink at Disneyland but you can imbibe across the way at California Adventure Park.  While renewing our annual passes (allegedly Southern California members number 1 million and Disney has opted to postpone sale of new memberships of that level) we wandered into Carthay Circle Restaurant to check out their open seating lounge.  Reservations can be made for their upstairs portion but we just figured on grabbing a drank and some appetizers.  Named and modeled after the picturesque theater on Buena Vista street where Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered in 1937, the inside of Carthay is very classy and low key with that homey, golden sheen of the pulpy 30's.  The drink menu is actually quite large with plenty of wines, beers and spirits available and even Walt's signature drink, The Scotch Mist (Scotch over crushed ice with lemon peel, like a boss!), there for your tasting.  I opted for The Derby which was simply Bourbon, grapefruit juice and honey.  A simple yet smooth concoction that packed a bit of a punch in the back of your throat.  Our server was overly kind like most are at sit down joints inside either park and our food and drinks didn't take much time at all to arrive.  While our dranks were just fine and not overly expensive, the food was a bit of a pricey letdown.  We went for Deviled Eggs, Vietnamese style Beef Tacos and a Spicy Chicken Roll.  Our first selection was delectable but the Tacos and Roll were just overly salty and didn't leave me clamoring for more.  In fact, I could have went for a burger and fries after to actually satiate my appetite.   

You can even take a tour!

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