Monday, May 12, 2014

Workout of the Day: Time Me

It's been a Damme busy 6 weeks or so and my workouts have suffered.  Sure I've trained at all of the different hotels we stayed at but eating clean wasn't exactly high on my list.  This past week was particularly challenging as the Van Damme double features over 3 nights meant I was up late and not getting the greatest of rest.  To help me get back into the groove, I tried to take my mind out of the equation and just train for a set time.  That way I wasn't thinking about sets or reps, I was only focused on moving from exercise to exercise until time was up.

After a warm up of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, shoulder rolls, etc I started my 6 exercise circuit that I would continue for 20 minutes.

1)  Goblet Squat - Holding a 40lb dumbbell at my chest
2)  Chins - Switching grips each time to work more of my back, biceps, forearms, etc
3)  Push Ups - Switching hand grips each time, narrow, regular, wide, hands out, in, etc
4)  Jump Lunge - Get into a lunge position then jump up and switch lead legs and lower into a lunge
5)  Straight Bar Curls - Doing Larry Scott style "burns" after designated reps
6)  Dips - Elbows in close, slowly lowering and pushing up

To keep me going, I only did 5-7 reps per exercise, 20 for push ups and in the end completed 6 full rounds and was dying.  My legs started to get sore from the Jump Lunges later that night.  After the 20 minute blast, it was time for some abs, twists and calf raises followed by some time on the bike and a few hundred jumps with the rope.

It's a new day, a new hour, a new beginning so get swole!

If this doesn't get you jacked and ready to go every time, I don't know what will:

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