Sunday, May 4, 2014

Workout of the Day: Parks and Ripspiration

Right across the street from my apartment are two parks.  One next to the Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study where you can sit down with books, press kits, scripts, posters from your favorite movies and play tennis next door.  The other houses multiple soccer and softball fields complete with a running track and outdoor body weight gym equipment.  To get ready for tonight's Jean-Claude Van Damme double feature, a visiting comrade and I got in the following after a two lap jog warmup:

- Chins and bench dips on the playground equipment x 2
- Leg Press, crunches, push ups, trunk twists, plyo jumps, machine row and machine shoulder press on the outdoor equipment
- All out sprints x 5

All repeated twice followed by a walking cool down lap and some stretching.  Feeling good and pumped, it was time for a shower and breakfast.  Being outside is a nice change of pace from the gym or your living room as you can take in some fresh air and challenge your muscles in a different way.  My legs are already burning from the sprints as I'm not much of a runner.  The sandy track is easier on the knees than a concrete sidewalk and all of the benches and ledges make for perfect spots to do push ups, jumps, 1-leg squats, bench dips and the like.

It's a beautiful day so get out there and work on that tan line, with sunblock and your white Adidas tights, of course!

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