Thursday, May 29, 2014

Workout of the Day: Class Dumbbell

It was a busy Memorial Day weekend but that didn't stop me from getting in two quick workouts on Saturday before I helped a friend move, meaning I technically got in three training sessions in one day for shits and giggles since I knew it was going to be a gluttonous few days.  Upon rising I decided to do a Shoulder and Arms workout but only using Dumbbells for Giant Sets.  That way I could move between exercises quickly and not get bored changing equipment or weights while getting in a nice pump.

Giant Set # 1:
1) Arnold Press - To work the front and side delts and for size
2) Bent over Spider Curl - To take the delts out of the movement, bend at the waist and lock your elbows to the sides of your knees and curl
3) Lying DB Extension - My Tennis Elbow subsiding, slowly lowered DB's out and to the sides of my head, to control my form, I would do these one arm at a time alternating left to right

Giant Set # 2:
1) DB Upright Row - Pulling up and out to chin height
2) Hammer Curl - Alternating curling straight up and one arm at a time crossing the body
3) Lying DB Side Extension - Another elbow friendly movement, you can do these with two DB's at the same time and lower to your chest or one arm at a time and lower to the side of your face

I started with 20 pounds and added 5 until I got to 40, giving me 5 circuits of 6 exercises for a total of 30 sets starting with 10-12 reps then working my way down to 5-6.  Then it was a protein shake and off to start my day.

Use control to get swole:

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