Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Con-Man: Postcards VS Buttons

When I first started going to Cons, there would always be a few people selling postcards.  Cards adorned with awesome comic art, movie posters, famous figures and the like.  Then in the late 2000's, postcards started to become scarcer and scarcer.  In the last couple years, those "throwaway" art examples became buttons and now buttons are everywhere with everything from movies, actors, musicians, cartoon characters, slogans, memes and whatnot.  The latest trend sees makers using actual pages from comic books as the image.

Postcards were nice because they were like mini-posters.  You could hang them on a wall, a cork board, the fridge, your office cube and send them to friends as unique and tailored hellos.  Buttons are a little trickier, you're either putting them on your purse/Indiana Jones satchel/computer bag or on hoodies and jackets.  I only have so much button real estate so many of them are just sitting on display on my bookshelf with random toys and swag.  I'd like to see postcards make a bit of a comeback on the Convention scene but I just don't see it happening as many local vendors are making their own buttons and selling them by the handful while I'm sure postcards take a little more doing.  It'll be interesting to see what new swag will be available at San Diego Comic-Con in addition to those little Funko's, graphic tees and oh so many buttons.

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