Friday, April 18, 2014

Workout of the Day: Wonder(Con) Man

It's almost time to rock n' roll as WonderCon Anaheim starts in a few hours.  We arrived last night to our Con hotel, the Clarion.  As Michelangelo said, "it ain't the Hilton, hmm, mmm" but it'll suffice for the weekend as parking is easy, plenty of restaurants, shops and supplies are nearby and it's a straight shot to the convention center.  Bonus points for being close to a Carl's Jr AND a Taco Bell.  Breakfast biscuit or taco anyone?  While at Target stocking up I saw a dude with a huge necklace made from wooden balls and wearing a Spider-Man shirt, I asked if it was a real necklace or was he cosplaying as Akuma?  Of course he was going to be Street Fighter's Akuma at the show and made the necklace himself from doorknobs and the like.  I hope I run into him today.

There isn't too much in terms of programming I'm super psyched for, going to check out the floor for a bit on a hunt for a recent Captain America run where he's trapped in another dimension, maybe some Dark Horse Omnibus', mud covered Dutch Neca figure and any other awesomely random swag the exhibition hall might hold.  Later on going to check out a Pitch to Disney panel, then spotlight on Jim Lee and finally the best Geek Films of 1984, Buckaroo Banzai, whatttt.

In a bit of sad strangeness, WC updated Saturday's schedule to announce Warner Brothers is bringing Bill "God" Paxton to talk Edge of Tomorrow, Thorin Oakenshield aka Richard Armitage on deck for some movie I've never heard of and of course, Godzilla.  Fox's block was still empty but over at Deadline it's said that X-Men helmer Bryan Singer was to present Days of Future Past but has now been pulled amidst sexual misconduct allegations.  Gary Oldman and Keri Russell are rumored to be talking new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes flick while looks How to Train your Dragon 2 and The Maze/Kite Runner something something are also imminent.

To get things going today, I hit the "eh" on site gym.  There are treadmills, bikes and an elliptical machine along with a Hotel Fitness cable contraption but no weights or place to do chins.  Things are what you make of them so I got in:

1) Lat Pulldown
2) Push Ups
3) Cable Row
4) Cable Pushdown
5) Cable Curl
6) Cable kickback
7) 1-Arm Cable Concentration Curl
8) Handstand Push Up

Repeated 3 times then followed up with abs, towel twists and intervals on stationary bike for 10 minutes.  Legs tomorrow!

Badge pick up starts at 10:30 AM, see ya on the other side!

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