Friday, April 11, 2014

Van Dammage: Legality

"Right now you can sue me because I use "fuck" three times. 
You can be mentally abused...You can sue for that. 
Absolutely.  You don't know.  I know."
     Jean-Claude Van Damme on America's sue happy society

Like winning the lottery, becoming a movie star cannot be easy.  All of a sudden people you've never met or spoken to in years are your best friend with their hands out asking for money.  JCVD states he lost 99% of his friends once he became famous.  His legal battles were well documented and made him an easy target for tabloids.  After his 90's success, a bodybuilding soldier sued Van Damme for injuries on Cyborg four years prior.  After an on set accident that saw VD strike the untrained stunt man in the eye with a prop knife, Van Damme went to see him on base to make sure he was getting checked out by Cannon's insurance.  But years later after Van Damme became a hot shot, the guy took him to court and settled for $400,000 clams. 

During the making of Universal Soldier, Van Damme was pulled over for driving 120 miles per hour on a deserted Arizona highway late into the night.  When the police officers recognized him, they warned him not to kick them in the face or they would shoot him.  During the mid 90's, with his ego and growing cocaine habit at all time highs, Van Damme found himself being sued by a woman claiming he forced her to perform sexual acts.  Then, former colleague and Bloodsport inspiration Frank Dux took Van Damme to court over payment and credit on VD's directorial debut, The Quest.  Van Damme denied most charges but was advised by his lawyers to simply settle.  This infuriated the bulging Belgian as in Europe, if you sue and lose, you have to pay.  But in America, one can be sued, have to address it and pay out even if innocent to avoid further issue.

Apparently, Van Damme agreed to do an infomercial for a piece of home gym equipment and during taping of his reality show, Behind Closed Doors, the Muscles From Brussels didn't know how the machine worked and turned to the camera to give a whole hearted speech about being honest and not a shill.  That's why Jean-Claude Van Damme is awesome and Mr. Bulletproof. 

"Vas-y viens te battre!" roughly translated, Come at me, bro! 

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