Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Van Dammage: I Believe I Can Fly

"When you know who you are in life, you can go so high.  I really believe so."
    Jean-Claude Van Damme

Congratulations to everyone at Volvo and team Jean-Claude Van Damme for their recent sweep at this years Webby Awards as they won Best Online Commercial, Best Viral Marketing and Best Branded Entertainment Short Form for The Epic Split.

Van Damme's self-improving, self-reflecting and self-searching attitude has always been an inspiration to me and I'm sure subconsciously fueled my recent uptick in activity lately as I've hunkered down and just started Doing.  Life is for living so if you know what you like, go out and do it.  And if anybody has a problem with that, tell them you're sorry but not sorry they lead such an empty existence with no interests or passions.  For me, it's been a busy few weeks with 3 conventions in a month, screenings galore, launching the Facebook page and putting together Dammaged Goods' first live event while laying down groundwork for future nights of cinematic wonder.  Oh yeah, I also work full time and am in the midst of several large projects.  This page isn't for publicity or profit, it's just a forum for the things I like and want to share with those who don't get to experience all the cool events Los Angeles (and surrounding) has to offer due to schedule, geographic or monetary reasons.  At the end of the day, things are what you make of them so make them great.  It really is that simple.

In the meantime, The New Beverly Cinema has posted the Double Impact and Bloodsport screenings set for Sunday and Monday, May 4th and 5th with Sheldon Lettich Q&A on their site:

And you can get a custom WWJCVDD? shirt over at Etsy from TeeRexellent:

Then you can watch this video for your daily dose of sensitive yet inspirational Van Dammage:

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