Sunday, April 6, 2014

Van Dammage: Family Tree

"I've got to go first to the family; first the son, then the daughter and then the father."
     Jean-Claude Van Damme on working his way to Kirk Douglas

When Jean-Claude Van Damme first arrived in Hollywood, he didn't speak the language or know anybody in the business.  Working 10 hours a day at jobs like laying carpet, delivering pizza and driving limousines while training 4 times a week, young JCVD toiled for years.  He would put his head shot on the window of cars in studio parking lots, deducing that the nice ones belonged to producers.  Van Damme would go to clubs, hoping to see a movie star.  Stallone tells a story of the young karate guy performing kicks and doing the splits outside his home before taking Van Damme to a bus station.  Van Damme has stated he wrote hundreds of letters to actors and producers he admired and the only one who responded was Kirk Douglas of Spartacus and being frigging Kirk Douglas fame.  Years later, Van Damme would team up with Douglas' son Michael on the production of Double Impact.

The Legend call in:

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