Monday, April 14, 2014

Ripspirational: Frank Zane

Arnold might have one of the most inspirational physiques of all time but for a guy who stands 5'8", I was more drawn to Frank Zane and Jean-Claude Van Damme.  I related with Zane as he was a bit of a loner in his youth and took up bodybuilding as a form of armor and protection.  In addition to weight training, teenage Zane would pick up archery and become an Eagle Scout.  Early on, Zane did mainly Olympic style lifts before segueing into bodybuilding where his broad shoulders and narrow waist showed off a statuesque aesthetic.  Unable to make a living as a "musclehead" alone, Zane received a B.S. in Education and taught mathematics and chemistry for over a decade.  Later, he picked up a degree in psychology and later still was awarded a Master's Degree in Experimental Psychology.  Bodybuilding wise, Frank Zane's resume includes titles like Mr. Universe, Mr. America and three turns as Mr. Olympia (highest title in bodybuilding).  If that wasn't enough, Zane can also play the harmonica, writes poetry and authored 9 books in addition to printing a regular newsletter.  These days he and wife Christine run the Zane Experience, 1-3 day courses in bodybuilding, posing, exercise, nutrition, meditation and more.

Bodybuilding gets Art'ed!

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