Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm Hot! I'm Big! Big-uh!

"It'll make you great, man.  You already big but you could be bigger.  
You know?  I'm big.  Imma be swole though. Walk sideways through doors."

Nothing like a little Pain & Gain to get you back in the mood for working out.  It's been nearly a year since the best movie of 2013 hit theaters and took in $50 million on it's way to cult movie status complete with a bare bones and Collector's Edition home video releases.  Mark Wahlberg scored a late summer hit, sharing the screen with Denzel Washington in 2 Guns before making an even bigger splash with the true events based Lone Survivor.  Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson showed up for Fast & Furious 6 and WrestleMania while teasing the world with the in progress flick Hercules which just saw it's trailer hit.  In a bit of timing coincidence, Anthony Mackie is currently onscreen in mega hit Captain America:  The Winter Soldier which was written by Pain & Gain and Captain America:  The First Avenger's Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

To ease my way back into training after a pseudo week off where I stuffed my face with burgers, fries, pizza, fried chicken, Chinese food, subs and so much more I opted for a traditional Back and Triceps workout followed by cardio.  Still implementing a pyramid rep scheme to warm up, work and back off, I completed 5-7-10-12-7 of the following:

1) Deadlift - For lower back, forearms and quads.  Want to avoid back pain?  Train it!
2) Bench Dips - Pyramiding up and down but starting at 10 reps, then with a 25lb plate on my lap
3) Chin Up - Alternating grips each set
4) Dumbbell Extension - Behind the head, keeping elbows in tight, lowering as far as possible
5) Dumbbell Row - Alternated rowing close to the side of my lats with rowing wide to the outside to work different angles, these got my back, rear delts, biceps and forearms really pumped
6) Close Grip Push Up - I had used all my weights for heavy DB exercises so used different hand placement: close parallel, diamond and fingers facing in to burn out the tri's

This was followed by some Ab-Aerobics where I'd pedal and jump rope for 2 minutes each followed by some crunches, trunk twists and ab wheels.  This went on for 5 rounds while I watched Messrs Wahlberg, Johnson and Mackie blow shit up and get swole.

Cut the check!

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