Sunday, April 6, 2014

Grudgement Day: David Letterman

Did you hear David Letterman is retiring?  I even got an e-mail from Twitter about it...and I just turned off all notifications from them.  You know how some people just rub you the wrong way?  Like that scene in The Weatherman, where some random couple watching Nicolas Cage on television, the man says he doesn't like his face or name and thinks he's bullshit.  That's how I feel about Letterman.  I've never been much of a late night viewer, only catching highlights or YouTube clips of guests I like.  So the handful of interviews I've seen with Jean-Claude Van Damme or Arnold with Letterman, the host just always comes off like a smarmy prick.  Maybe that's his schtick but you can tell he is either jealous or thinks he's better/smarter than them which makes for extremely awkward exchanges and not a very good time.

Whereas Jay Leno, whom people like to give a hard time, always seems to be having fun on his show and with his guests.  He's not trying to play hardball with them, he's trying to entertain the audience in studio and at home.  Which to me, is the point of these kinds of programs, to get your daily news with a laugh while winding down from a long day.  Then there was Letterman's rant against Food Network host Rachael Ray and culinary based programming in general.  Something about how people are starving but who cares, let's watch a show about cupcakes.  As if his fucking existence and livelihood didn't thrive on the lavish and wasteful lifestyles of the rich and shameless.  Apparently Letterman likes to keep his charitable side a secret so I have no clue how much of his reported $14 million a year salary he spends on helping others or going to Africa to feed the hungry.  Oh yeah, then he admitted to having sex with female interns and staff members before apologizing in the midst of a blackmail attempt.  So hey, go fuck yourself, smart guy.

Looking good, Arnold:

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