Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gotta Eat! Meat the Greek

Another day, another lunch truck.  This time it's Meat the Greek which I believes touts itself as the only mobile kitchen complete with a spinning rotisserie grill.  Slices from the hunk of gorgeous rotating lamb and beef then becomes fodder for a traditional Gyro sandwich (Yee-Ro, He-Man's cousin).  It's not cheap but it is filling and delicious.  A Gyro sandwich runs $10.00 and even comes with a few French fries inside.  If you're really going for it, order the platter.  Sure it's $14-16.00 but totally worth it as you get meat of your choice, pita, salad, some awesome seasoned crispy fries and a drink.  Of course this has nothing on my hometown joint, Athen's Greek Restaurant but that's 2,000 miles away.  Cross country inflation is killer.

Look at this beautiful meat baby:

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