Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Workout of the Day: Mads Man

Whenever we hit Disneyland over night, we tend to stay at The Red Lion.  It's a decent spot for a decent price and they have a nice gym.  Before heading back this past Tuesday, I wanted to take advantage of the room full of weights and equipment since I work out at home with basic stuff and advanced imagination.  Mother fucking Legend was on Encore but that quickly ended, what came on next?  Why it was King Arthur from 2004!  You may remember that my boy Mads Mikkelsen co-starred as the quiet badass Tristan a la Brit from The Magnificent Seven a la the Kyuzo from The Seven Samurai.  To get the maximum pump and work out of my time, I opted for doing two exercises in a row per body part for my entire upper body.  On an empty stomach I got in:

1)  Chest - Incline Push Up w/Flat Dumbbell Flys
2)  Back - Chin Up w/Straight Bar Cable Row
3)  Shoulders - Arnold Press w/Side Raises
4)  Biceps - One Arm Preacher Curl w/Dumbbell Hammer Curls
5)  Triceps - Straight Bar Cable Pushdown w/Lying Incline Dumbbell Extension
6)  Calves - Standing Raises with Dumbbell in hand w/Seated Calf Raise (sit on the bench, put feet up on the metal frame and place DB's on knees)

I went through this twice then added one last Giant Set:

7)  Cable Row/Dumbbell Pullover/Shoulder Raises/Concentration Curls/Cable Pushdown

Followed by some ab crunches, trunk twists and a few miles on a bike while watching King Arthur and his knights hacking, slashing, arguing and drinking their way through a rescue mission.  By the end, I felt good and pumped up, ready to tackle the park.

As you can see, this routine worked each of my muscle groups and pumped more blood in without straining my muscles or joints as each exercise works a different part of the muscle.

All in, the workout took under an hour and I settled for some chocolate milk as a post session shake.  Then it was time for Disneyland where it was crazy crowded with I'm guessing Spring Breakers.

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