Thursday, March 13, 2014

Workout of the Day: Down with the Sickness

Being sick sucks.  I'm not even that sick but just being a little off your game sucks for men.  Because men are babies.  They say if it's just a cold (neck and up) and not the flu (neck and down) then you're fine to keep working out.  They say a good sweat can be good for it even.  I took that advice and did a short body weight workout today to keep moving but not push so hard that it wouldn't be able to fight the infection. 

Taking a page from the Dolph Lundgren book of home workouts, I completed:

1)  Body Squat
2)  Chin Up
3)  Incline Push Up
4)  Lunges
5)  Chin-Row
6)  Handstand Push Up
7)  Sissy Squat - Stand next to a door frame for balance and let your knees sink forward and down as you lean back then push back up to standing
8)  Face Pull - Lift yourself up like a chin up then pull your face to the bar and push back out, kind of like you're curling your body instead of the bar
9)  Dips
10)  Calf Raises - On a stair, 15 reps with toes forward, out and in

I started to get a little tired so I cut it short after doing 2 rounds instead of my usual 3.

Earlier in the week I did a little cardio with a DDP Yoga video which opened up my throat and followed it up with quick bouts of jump rope, cycling, abs and jumping up my staircase, plyometric style. 

Now let's work the chest:


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