Friday, March 28, 2014

(Pre)Con-Man: Emerald City Lucky Charm

It's finally Emerald City Comicon weekend!  While waiting for our flight out of Los Angeles, I spotted Alan Tudyk from Firefly and Dodgeball boarding.  But an even bigger surprise was waiting onboard as the first passenger I saw was none other than Michael fucking Biehn! That's right, Biehn and wife Jennifer Blanc were sitting in front of Tudyk and made me wonder who else in first class and in general were on their way to the show.  While it made me giddy to see Biehn a few rows in front of me in the flesh, there's not really a good way to try and get some bro time on a plane is there?  Then the bookmark I had with me?  A ticket stub from Aliens!  Just meant to be...

Of course you know I'm not much of an obvious fanboy, asking for photos or autographs and the like so when I ended up walking beside Biehn in the airport I had to just try and keep cool and not yell out a quote from one of his movies.  Biehn and Blanc are appearing at Emerald City all weekend but his panel is today so I'll unfortunately have to miss it as we're only attending Saturday.

Our Con hotel downtown is the beautiful and fancy Olympic Fairmont.  You know it's classy because there's Arcade Shops, a lower level, a lobby and a mezzanine complete with a dude playing a piano for your enjoyment.  A few blocks away is Rview, a bar and restaurant on the 28th floor of The Renaissance hotel that was surprisingly empty for a Thursday night.  The ambiance and view are the main selling points while my burger was excellent but my cider was delicious.  I can't recall the name sadly but it was just the right mix of smooth, dry and a touch sweet.  Kind of like a Magners but better.  Then it was off to Purple, a pretty slick bar with more wine bottles than I've ever seen complete with a "secret" door camouflaged by racks of fermented grape juice.  Too bad they only had one cider that was expensive and the most sour tasting I've ever had.

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