Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Green Day aka Happy St. Patrick's Day

No, not that shitty garage band from the 90's, Green Day as in St. Patrick's Day!  You know, the religious and cultural holiday to celebrate one Saint Patrick of Ireland?  Apparently the dude was kidnapped and taken to Gaelic Ireland where he worked as a Shepard then found G-O-D.  Upon returning home he worked tirelessly to convert pagans into Christians using the Shamrock's three points to explain the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost), hence, leading us to wear green.  I doubt many establishments delved too deeply into Patrick's story before shelling out green beer, green party hats and green beads but hey, that's capitalism right?  A few years ago I was in Chicago to see the annual parade and was surprised at how they turn the river green.  Basically, small speed boats dump coloring in and then do doughnuts in the water, swirling it in until the appropriate color has been reached.  Simple yet effective.  McDonald's placed a large, tipped over Shamrock Shake cup on the bank of the river so it seemed as if someone spilled, get it?

What else comes to mind when you think of Green?  The Hulk.  Kermit the frog.  Money.  Jell-O.  Chris Tucker in The Fifth Element.  After that it gets hazy...broccoli?  Grass?  Spinach?  Anywho, The Hulk is a pretty easy go to for me, I mean come on, what kid doesn't wish they could be the Jade Giant and freak out then smash everything?  Thanks to comics, cartoons, the 70's television show, two standalone movies and his appearance in The Avengers, The Big Green has firmly enmeshed himself into society.  The television series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno was fantastic with that hauntingly memorable theme and it's mix of drama with action.  Sure it's dated now but Bixby's sympathetic portrayal of Banner and big Lou's green slipper clad mountain of green painted muscle will always be a certain generation's ideal of the character.  Apparently, the show was canceled because show runner Kenneth Johnson didn't want to cut the budget down to only one Hulk out an episode.  New brass at CBS didn't care that ratings were still high for the show, they just wanted to slash spending across the board.  Years later, a series of TV movies hit NBC which were also back door pilots for never materialized attempts at Thor and Daredevil.  Apparently, a TV movie with She-Hulk was in the works but was scrapped due to budgetary concerns.


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