Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gotta Whey: Six Star Elite

Buying protein is a pain sometimes.  Amazon lists several but many of them are sold through 3rd party vendors so they're not available for Prime.  There is a Vitamin Shoppe nearby but it's in close proximity to a busy shopping area making access a pain.  Then their website has no problem charging me for a product then conveniently saying it's out of stock and on back order.  Maybe it's a mental thing but I always feel better when I supplement with Whey Protein.  I sure as heck can't eat enough protein these days because I just don't have the appetite or desire.  Why whey?  It's relatively affordable and quickly digested to help build muscle, burn fat and suppress your appetite.  Instead of waking up and having a heavy meal, a shake gets your motor running and also helps the body stop eating itself after sleep.

I ordered Six Star Pro Nutrition's Whey Protein Plus Elite Series over Groupon a few months ago.  The stats seemed fine and reviews online were favorable.  It's billed as a "Collector's Edition" with a football player on the front who is into working out but also making fun of Asians so hey, fuck him.  Thanks for the closeout price, bro.  The label boasts being scientifically better than regular whey as a six-week, double blind study showed users of Six Star gaining more muscle and strength than the other group.  I'm not sure if that held true for me but then again, I work out to eat out because you can either eat to live or live to eat.  And if you've ever read this online diary, you Gotta Eat!

So I don't go too far into the details I just look at the label for calories, fat, sugar, cholesterol and protein content per serving.  Six Star has a larger serving size, giving you 30 G's of protein per 44g scoop.  Most whey's clock in around 24 G's per 32g serving which means in a mathematical sense, you're getting less protein per gram with Six Star.  While you may get more protein per scoop with Six Star, the larger serving size is kind of annoying as it usually plops out into my mixing cup and sends a cloud of protein dust into the air.  Stir-ability is ok, I tend to have a watery clump left on the bottom to knock back.  The taste is where Six Star loses me, it's just really sweet.  Almost sickeningly so.  I don't know how much Six Star Elite costs not on Groupon and I'm not going to find out.

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