Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gotta Eat! Cousins Maine Lobster

Ah food trucks, years ago while our building café was under construction, mobile meals parked outside our building daily.  Some, like the Grilled Cheese and Kogi tacos were hits with building patrons waiting in long lines while others, like the Dim Sum one didn't draw in quite the same crowd.  Years later, our café has sadly closed it's doors and food trucks are rolling to our front curb once again.  I'd heard about Lobsta Truck rolling around Los Angeles in the past but I'm not exactly a food truck following kind of guy.  This week, we were visited by the other lobster truck, Cousins Maine.  Whoda thunk there'd be two competing marine crustacean slingers in L.A.?

Cousins prides itself on flying in quality lobster from the sustainably harvested population of Maine's ice cold waters.  Remember last year when lobster was cheaper than bologna in Maine, only costing locals $4.99 a pound?  Yeah, well throw in shipping, prep and truck costs and I was being sold a folded piece of breads worth of lobster meat for $13 bones.  Add in a cup of rich lobster bisque and my bill was $22 bucks.  While not cheap, it was pretty Damme good as I'm a seafood lover.  I wouldn't indulge everyday but they provided quick and polite service with something you don't find everyday.

Not as trendy as they once were, food trucks are here to stay:

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