Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gotta Drank! 3Dog Cantina

After a movie at the Arclight we walked up Cahuenga Boulevard in search of sustenance.  Old standbys Big Wangs and Kitchen 24 didn't seem too appetizing nor did newish burger and beer joint, Stout.  All of a sudden, I realized there's a lot of bars on this corner with the aforementioned trio, swanky gastropub Saint Felix, a new, tiny cocktail joint called The Powder Room and I believe semi recent additions The Blue Boar Pub and 3Dog Cantina.  The last two share the same owner but I was in the mood for some Mexican grub and we went with Cantina.  This used to be a pretty big and I thought happening sports bar where I'd viewed a few UFC fights.  Not sure if it's the same owner but the interior was completely renovated but still spacious.  It was surprisingly quiet on a Sunday evening but hey, I hate crowds so no complaints from this guy.

Their drink menu has plenty of variety with the expected tequila and margarita offerings as well as some mother fucking moonshine, which I am an imbiber of and quickly ordered.  Complimentary chips and salsa started us off and they have 3 varieties of fresh made guacamole available.  Food wise, you've got your tacos, burritos and fajita selections.  My carne asada tacos were very tasty if a little pricey at $16 for 3 but ya know, it's Hollywood.  Most surprising was their kale Caesar salad, if you're not a fan of salad or kale, I urge you to try this just once, it's that good.  Happy Hour runs through the week with specials on food and drinks so we'll definitely be back to take advantage.

Hitting the Thunder Road:

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