Thursday, February 6, 2014

Workout of the Day: Jawline Monthly

It's always funny to see lists or videos of Gym Fails or photos of someone using a machine the "wrong" way.  One example I've seen a lot recently is this one of people lying the wrong way in a Leg Curl Machine.

You're doing it wrong!  Or are you?
Of course, your ankles are meant to be against that pad and you curl up to your butt to strengthen your hamstrings.  So what is that guy doing?  In my estimation, he's working his neck.  His neck?  Yup.  But why would anyone want to train that?  Oh I dunno, because it's on display 99.99% of the time?  For whatever reason, training your public parts like the neck, forearms and calves just isn't as sexy as training your beach parts, i.e. arms and abs which are covered about 99.99% of the time.  Some people might equate a big neck to a no neck and immediately think of football playing meathead but let's be honest, most people aren't going to get a big neck by doing a few light exercises.  Just like you won't get muscles like Arnold's because you lift 3 days a week.  Do you even lift, bro?

At your local gym?  Yeah right!
Instead, having that strong neck and jawline promotes a leaner profile while also fighting the hands of time or sitting at a desk.  Ever get a pain in the neck from sitting too long?  Bet you wouldn't suffer as much if you just trained those muscles holding your head up.  We've all seen photos of ourselves with bad angles and lighting and gasp at that double chin or jowl-ly thickness.  So how do you work these muscles if everyone will look at you strange in the gym for using a Leg Curl machine?  The first three gyms I trained in all had neck machines because they were geared towards football players and bodybuilders.  But go to any chain for the masses like 24 Hour Fitness and you're out of luck.

Things you can do at home or in a gym:

Lay on a bench or your bed with your head hanging off the edge.  Simply curl your chin to your chest and repeat for 15-20 reps.  Turn to your side and try to touch your ear to your shoulder.  Then to your stomach and raise your head up and back.  Easy!

Sit and place the palm of your hands against your chin, reach back and push down while using your hands as resistance.  Then put a hand to your temple and try to turn your head to the front.  Place both hands behind your head and push.  Super simple, right?

Dollar twenty-five, please.
Wrestlers utilize bridges to strengthen their necks for all those slams and hits they take.  Fold up a towel, put it on the floor then place your forehead on it.  Push against the towel, lifting your head and body off the ground, use your hands to push as you won't be that strong yet.  Roll to your back, head against the towel and push your neck and hips up, again, use your hands to give you a lift.  A little harder but you'll work your neck and trap muscles in no time.  Can you believe how effortless this is?

With weights, you see these newfangled leather contraptions to put over your head like a helmet that has a chain attached so you can add weights, what the BLEEP?!  No, grab a towel, fold it up then just grab a plate, 5,10, 25, whatever and lie on a bench or top of a staircase.  Hold the towel and plate against your forehead and just curl up.  Flip to your stomach and hold the towel/plate against the back of your head and repeat.  Wow, this is so not complicated it's almost stupid not to do!

Throw in some shrugs and dumbbell upright rows to work your traps, the muscles at the base of your neck and shoulders.  Chewing gum always helps too, you always saw guys like Arnold, Dolph Lundgren and Van Damme working their jowls in the gym and on set with some of the chewy stuff.

Jawline Monthly founders Dolph and Arnold

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