Sunday, February 16, 2014

Workout of the Day: Daniel Craig

It was a James Bond kind of week after watching Skyfall on the plane and then receiving a new credit card that contained 007 among the digits.  I didn't enjoy Skyfall too much upon first viewing, it seemed a bit dark, depressed, way too long.  Its Batman Begins meets Home Alone style ending complete with mansion and crusty butler fighting home invaders was just...underwhelming.  It was missing that globe trotting, smooth operating pizazz of Casino Royale.  You know, when you actually wanted to be Bond since he's rough yet charming, knows how to play poker, pick up women and generally kick ass.  He was man enough to wear skintight light blue swim trunks and still look macho.  One thing that has carried across all three of Craig's Bond outings is his pumped up physique and in Skyfall, he's shirtless quite often showing off a less bull necked upper body than Royale and is more, shall we call it, Skinny Mass.  Like Ryan Reynolds, Craig has a great build for adding muscle with broad shoulders and a lean midsection.  Neither has the bulk of a body builder (seriously, no actor ever has a big back) so they look lean and fit whether at the beach or in a suit.

To get ready for Skyfall, it's said Craig followed a 6-Day a week program that looked like:

Monday:  Full body circuit - Clean and Press/Knee Raise/Step Up/Pull Up/Dip/Push Up
Tuesday:  Chest and Back - Incline Bench/Chin Up/Dumbbell Fly/Push Up
Wednesday:  Legs - Squats/Leg Curl/Lunges/Dead Lift
Thursday:  Shoulders and Arms - Dips/Lateral Raises/Curls/Shoulder Press
Friday:  Full body circuit - Same as Monday
Saturday:  Cardio
Sunday:  Rest

I believe his cardio consisted of swimming, boxing, machine rowing and fight choreography.

Diet wise, it's said the D Craig ate 3 high protein meals a day with complex carbs and vegetables with two snacks of fruit and nuts or a protein shake.

I've always enjoyed doing full body circuits and added Barbell Curls to the above circuit to work the biceps and up the total exercises to 7.  Repeated 3 times and you've hit 21 total working sets as I tend to do 15-20 sets when I work out with weights.  It's a great workout that really gets your heart pumping and takes less than 40 minutes to complete.  Only rest between exercises enough to barely catch your breath so it becomes a cardio workout as well.  If you're unsure how long to rest, just take in 5-10 deep breathes and move to the next exercise.  If you start getting light headed or nauseous, then yeah, you've pushed too hard.

The full body/Compound moves like Clean and Press, Chin Ups, Dips, Push Ups and Step Ups activate more muscles, thus making the body work harder and up your T (testosterone) than isolation exercises like a cable curl or pec deck BS.

Personally, I don't advise doing upper body exercises two days in a row so I would do some form of cardio or non-weight workout on the day after the circuit.  For me, lately it's been DDP Yoga, shadowboxing, cycling or jump roping. 

Getting Bonded:

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