Friday, February 7, 2014

Weird(cool) Panels: Captain America - Mind Freak

As I travel into the cold of winter, eagerly awaiting seeing friends, eating biscuits and gravy, chili cheese burritos and digging through my comic book collection, here's an oldie but a goodie of wondrous Weird(cool) proportions:

We've seen the amazing exploits of the living legend time and time again. Well documented observations have compared Captain America to a panther ready to pounce, as intelligent as he is strong and Marvel's best looking hero, a comic book Robert Redford. But Cap's greatest skill isn't something that can be obtained through radioactive spider bites, cosmic ray bombardment or genetic mutation. The trait that sets Captain America above and beyond his contemporaries, detractors and imitators, is his sheer force of will. The will that led him to risking his life for the chance to be able to fight evil as he subjected himself to experiments that ultimately turned the frail weakling into a super human Olympian.  We take you back to 1984. The stage, Battleword. The event, the Secret Wars. Captain America's trusty and thought indestructible shield has been shattered in an all out battle across the mysterious and remote alien planet.

It lies before him like a wounded friend...How many times has it saved his life?...It is forever broken...Unless by force of will...or sheer desire...

It's not Spider-Man that deserves the Amazing moniker.

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