Monday, February 10, 2014

Gotta Eat! Bob Evans

Last week I took a quick trip back to the middle east of America, Ohio.  Don't call it the mid-west, instead, shut your mouth and go look at a map.  Ohio is one state from Canada and two from the frigging Atlantic ocean you non-map remembering mofos!  Anywho, when I'm there, I always have a bit of an action item check list of people to see, places to go and establishments to feast at.  One of them is always Bob Evans, an Ohio based, family run restaurant chain that started in Rio Grande in 1946.  Their specialty is hearty, "down on the farm" style dining and their signature sausage products are available in many grocery stores.

Always crowded on a Saturday morning, Bob Evans is a quick and affordable place that is family friendly.  For people not from Ohio or from west of Texas, I would describe it as a cozier IHOP or Denny's since they embrace the whole "country farm" angle.  Sure they serve lunch and dinner but breakfast is why you come here and for me, it's always time for steak and eggs, biscuits and gravy and a side of broccoli for roughage.

I'm sure there's a list of great Ohioans Bobby E is listed on:

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