Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gotta Drank! Ashland & Highland

After appetizers and drinks in Polaris, we ventured back to Dublin after picking up a friend at the airport.  Ashland & Highland was a spot my hosting friends had wanted to try so we painted our wagons and came along.  It's a New York style bar on the outskirts of Columbus.  I'm glad we were with them as this would have been a horrible date night.  Not in a bad way, more like an awkward, painful growth way.  We were the youngest patrons in the place by far but it was pretty crowded on a Friday night.  Some of our menus had food on one side and drinks on the other while some had food on both...They did however have 3 kinds of cider available.  The night before I had ventured into grocery market Giant Eagle where I was amazed at the three rows of cider offerings.  Remember, 5 years ago you couldn't find Strongbow or cider in a regular grocery store.  Now, I could buy a six pack of Magner's for crying out loud.

Ordering took a little while because they were literally out of at least 5-6 things on their menu.  The food was actually pretty good though so points for that.  We found out that the place had recently been under the care of a "bar rescuer" after the original owner, with no experience in owning a bar or restaurant, was about to go belly up.  That's why they were out of so many items because they were trying to figure out where all the money was going and streamline the ordering system.  The staff was nice enough and gave us a free drink to apologize for the multiple items out of stock.  Then I felt like I was on a reality show and started looking for hidden cameras.  Alas no one asked me to sign a waiver or release so I guess I won't have to worry about seeing myself on some random show on the cable I don't have.

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