Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Busted (broke) Again: DMX

Here's an interesting bit of news for ya, George Zimmerman:  the overeager Neighborhood Watch guy who picked a fight, got beat up then shot and killed a teenager, is potentially fighting again, this time in the ring against rapper turned actor turned inmate turned awesome crazy guy DMX.  Something about Zimmerman wanting to box to get in shape led to him wanting to fight a celebrity and there's a guy who books celebrity boxing matches and after reviewing 15,000 would be opponents, DMX emerged as the contender.  I have no clue where this grudge match will take place but I for one, would love to see it.  Something tells me the crowd is going to be a bit hostile or completely non-existent.

Time to get Ruff because Talk is Cheap, mother BLEEP-er!  Hopefully X can get former co-stars Steven Seagal and Jet Li to train him.  Remember, UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva credited Seagal with showing him how to do a front kick that knocked out Vitor Belfort.

The promoter has called the fight off after massive backlash on social media and a petition.  I'm guessing there were some death threats and security issues in there too.  I was devastated by the news because I wanted to see DMX put the hurt on that guy but probably would have gotten stabbed or shot in the parking lot...


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