Friday, January 3, 2014

Workout of the Day: DDP Yoga

2014's first workout came courtesy of former WCW superstar Diamond Dallas Page and a well constructed testimonial video/infomercial.  DDP Yoga, formerly known as Yoga For Regular Guys is billed as "not your mama's yoga!".  After seeing DDP help wrestlers former and current like Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall and Chris Jericho with substance abuse and back issues, I figured it would be a nice addition to my workout regimen and something new to keep me interested.  The system wasn't all that expensive, about what you'd pay for two months at a commercial gym.  You know, those overcrowded, messy, understaffed joints that are full of Don'ters kidding themselves with New Years Resolutions for the month of January.

There are several workouts for varying levels of exertion and we started out with two programs showing you the basics of DDP's Diamond Dozen, 13 moves designed to get your heart rate up, engage your muscles and increase flexibility.  All of the moves were pretty basic and have you focusing on firing muscle groups by using isometric tension.  The 25 minute Energy! workout moves quick and DDP is positive, supportive and funny as your instructor.  By the end I felt pretty invigorated and tight yet relaxed. 

Watch this and try not to cry:

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