Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Workout of the Day: Catching Up

After a random day of eating and an evening involving a pint or two, I woke up feeling little flat and a lot lazy.  My energy was low from not eating much the day before but I wanted to kick some endorphins and get a good morning pump before a busy day.  I challenged myself to get in two sessions before and after work and accomplished them both.

At 6:00AM I got in the following at home:

Deadlift/Shoulder Press/Reeves Squat/Barbell Curl/Parallel Dip/1-Leg Squat/Barbell Row/Calf Raises/Side Raises/1-Arm Preacher Curls

10 exercises that worked my legs, back, calves, biceps, shoulders and triceps.  Nothing crazy but just enough to get me going.  I repeated the circuit twice then finished off with 5 quick bouts of 300 rope skips.  Sometimes it's easier to count and sometimes it's just easier to watch a clock countdown.  I recommend setting a timer for 2-3 minutes and either jumping for 30 seconds or blocks of 50 jumps until time runs out.  My heart was really racing after the first couple sets.

At 6:00PM I popped in some DDP Yoga and completed his Diamond Dozen list of 13 key moves before trying out the Fat Burner workout.  Hoo boy, for a 25 minute segment that includes warming up, working out and cooling down, I was dripping a sweat.  Counting to 3 was never so hard.  It's all about breathing, controlling your body and using dynamic tension.  Afterwards I felt very clear headed and relaxed.

That's two totally different workouts done in the privacy of my own home on my own time.  No driving to the gym, no waiting around for equipment or weights, no dealing with bozos.  At home, weights are a little more involved as you have to invest in some basic equipment and give yourself room while yoga only requires a mat along with a TV and DVD player.

Count it out!

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