Thursday, January 23, 2014

Still the Man: Arnold Schwarzenegger

If I could invest in stuff I liked, I could probably be a rich man.  Someone once said Clint Eastwood wore western style shirts when they were cool and he wore them when they weren't cool.  That's me baby, fads come and go but style is forever.  So it's nice to see many of my interests have become relevant and "cool" like cooking and the Food Network, comic books, working out and of course, my unofficial life coaches Jean-Claude Van Damme and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The real JC...VD of course starred in that Volvo commercial that racked up nearly 70 million views in a week and was hailed as the best ad of 2013.  Arnold hasn't had much luck at the movies since his Governorship as The Last Stand and Escape Plan's box office receipts were miniscule compared to his heyday.  Alas, he's still the chatter of the internet this week thanks to a surprise AMA on Reddit to promote his After School All Stars program that led to a hilarious video showing him undercover at Gold's Gym Venice and if that weren't enough, he's also starring in some Super Bowl ads for Bud Light. 

Arnold, our once and future King of Kings, our Lord of Lords.

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