Friday, January 10, 2014

Snow Screen: The Legend of Hercules

Before 300:  Rise of an Empire, before Hercules:  The Thracian Wars, we get 2014's second wide release, The Legend of Hercules, from Summit Entertainment and Millennium Films.  Starring Kellan Lutz of the Twilight Saga, Scott Adkins of The Expendables II (and 4 time Jean-Claude Van Damme co-star) and Liam McIntyre from television's Spartacus:  Blood and Sand and directed by Renny Harlin of Deep Blue Sea and Die Hard II fame.  TV writer Daniel Giat gets his first big screen credit with the help of 2011's Conan the Barbarian scribe Sean Hood.

The short and simple story opens with Adkins' King Slayer

From the look of the trailers, I was expecting a schlocktastic good time from a capable but aging director hungry for a big movie comeback starring a young pretty face whose physique would fill in for acting.  Neither of those expectations were quite met as The Legend of Hercules isn't completely enjoyable but is totally watchable.  From the surprisingly solid 3D (flying arrows, rain, dander) that gave a sense of depth to the impressive set design to the straight forward but not self serious tone to frequent, kind of exciting action scenes (bogged down by random slow motion), Hercules is a lot more polished and sturdy than you'd expect.  Lutz's performance doesn't get too deep but he does fine with what's asked of him.  Adkins furrows his brow and sneers through his performance while McIntyre gets to play sympathetic and heroic as Herc's right hand man.


  1. Thanks for the reveiw. Glad that it's not as disgusting as I expected. Hello from VanDammeFan.Net.

    1. Thanks for reading, Alik. It's a shame it will be a punching bag for critics and people who have no intention of seeing it but it's far from the worst movie ever made or a train wreck.