Saturday, January 4, 2014

End of Watch(ing): Blockbuster Video

Growing up, Blockbuster was always the most expensive video store in town.  Independent stores might not have offered the same selection and quantity but they got the job done.  A neighboring Hollywood Video closed in 2005 and I still have many of the dirt cheap VHS' from their closeout sale.  When they started getting hammered by Netflix, BB unveiled their own mail in rental service with the added perk of being able to trade in mailers at a store for another flick.  There were many a walks to Blockbuster and Little Caesar's on Sundays when I lived in Glendale, California.  But now, I don't live in Glendale and thanks to streaming and Redbox, former titan Blockbuster is closing ALL of it's U.S. stores.

The first closing Blockbuster I ever visited was in Seattle, Washington in about 2009.  That day, I walked out of the store with 5 movies and 2 boxes of candy for $7.00.  This past weekend I walked out of my last Blockbuster closing sale and came out with 25 movies for $35.00.

View flicks in peace, everyone.

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