Sunday, December 15, 2013

Workout of the Day: Suite Life

Pardon any spelling mistakes and lack of embedded videos this week as I'm on the road in beautiful and frigid middle America.  While traversing several states seeing friends and capitals is fun, it can also lead to many a meal out, drinks, lack of sleep and other physique busters.  Now this place ain't about starving yourself and taking shirtless selfies.  It's about enjoying yourself without melting into a dumpy and grumpy mofo.

Arriving in rainy Kansas City, Missouri, I enjoyed a mix plate of BBQ from Gates (their sauce is not my fave) and owed myself a leg workout.  Utilizing the small gym on site I sweated out some brisket with the following routine:

Warm Up:
Jumping Jacks/Mountain Climbers/Shadow Boxing
1). Dumbbell Squat w/ DB Deadlift

The gym was equipped w/DBs through 50 lbs so I started with 30's and moved up 5 lbs per set for 5 total.

2)  Treadmill Sprints

Started at 5 mph and went up to 9 with an incline of 10-12, allegedly running uphill is easier on the knees and burns more calories.

For these I ran for 20 seconds and rested for 10 on the sides of the treadmill and repeated for a 1 one minute interval cardio blast.

3)  Seated Calf Raises

Just sit on a bench and place DB's on knees.  You don't get the bottom stretch without a box to put your feet on so I held the top position for 5-10 seconds each rep.

4)  Towel Twists

I didn't have a broom handle or dowel rod so I grabbed a towel at each end and pulled.  The tension gives the same stability.

A few crunches later I finished with 5 minutes of jogging, stretched it out and meditated to calm down and stop the sweats.  Then it was road trip time!

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