Monday, December 9, 2013

Workout of the Day: Double Pump

It's been a little cold here in Los Angeles lately so I decided to stay in the house and get in a quick weight session.  Was feeling a little flat so I opted for a Shoulder-Biceps-Triceps routine utilizing supersets but each exercise for the same body part instead of alternating.  The moves work different parts of the muscle from different angles so I don't have to worry about straining tendons and joints while achieving a nice pump since the muscles stay engorged with blood.

1)  Handstand Push Up w/ Dumbbell Upright Row - You can do this a few ways, flip up into a handstand against a wall or start in a push up position with your feet against the wall and walk your way up or put your feet on a chair and hold your upper body at a 90 degree angle.

2)  Close Grip Chin Up w/ EZ Bar Curl - Chins for the forearms and brachialis while curls hit the biceps more directly.

3)  Close Grip Push Up w/ Dumbbell Side Extension - Push ups work the triceps, front delts and inner chest while the DB move helps tie in the rear part of the muscle.

4)  DB Press w/ Cable Lateral Side Raise - Presses for size, lateral raises for definition

5)  EZ Bar Reverse Curl w/ Incline Dumbbell Curl - EZ Curls for forearms and bicep mass with Incline Curls done in a doorway (middle of back against frame, take a step out and slide down) for definition, peak and shoulder/biceps tie in.

6)  Lying EZ Bar Skull Crusher w/ Dumbbell Extension - These two exercises work the triceps in about the same way but using DB's gives you a little more range of motion without stress on the wrists.

I did each superset twice, increasing the weight then finished off with some more shoulder raises and forearm exercises because I was watching Expendables II and Stallone still has crazy forearms.

Here's a Super Shoulder Routine, get it?

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