Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cyber(dyne) Monday!

Dang you Amazon!  Well actually no, they had so many good deals I couldn't not buy them!  Stayed away from brick and mortar shops Friday as a new TV or blender isn't really worth physical harm to myself.  Sites like Dark Horizons had deals all week long so I steadily added more and more to my cart.  Their Prime membership service is pretty sweet, you get to stream movies and TV (so many Food Network shows!) cheaper than Netflix and you get free two day shipping.

Then we got word that those geniuses want to roll out a system of delivery drones for customers within a ten mile radius of shipping plants.  It's literally the rise of the machines!

This years Cyber Monday was the biggest in history with $1.735 billion in desktop spending.  Black Friday clocked in at $1.198 billion while Thanksgiving Day tallied $766 million.  Some of the growth from last year is in the double digits so pretty soon our computers will shop for us before they eventually become self aware and launch nukes at our enemies...

Never forget:

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