Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall Flicks: Thor: The Dark World

I like to go into movies cold.  If the trailer looks good or it has a cast of actors I like, I'm basically in.  I don't read reviews and don't go for spoilers.  Even as a huge Marvel fan, I want to watch the movie and talk about it after, not read about it then go see it.  I looked up Thor to check the running time and for the first time actually read a synopsis of what I was about to see.  What followed was arguably Marvel's most polished production to date with a great sense of scale and scope levied by some harrowing action spectacle along with excellent performances from a talented cast.

Basically, watching Thor: The Dark World was nuts.  It was like the cinematic child of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.  Comic book inspired science fiction mixed with myth blended with medieval action extravaganza.  It also goes to show you how ahead of their time cult movies like Highlander and Masters of the Universe were which tried to mix the same elements 30 years ago with less success.  It's cool to see how big and out there the Marvel movie universe has gone and it's gonna get real weird with Guardians of the Galaxy.  Bring on Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet, please.  My hope is that the climatic showdown has something to do with Thor's hammer Mjolnir where Thor is racing to deliver the final blow, gets knocked out mid-flight, loses Mjolnir only to have it picked up by the only man in the Marvel universe worthy, Captain America, who then destroys some space villain ass with it.

All 3D screenings come with a 5-minute preview of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Watching trailers on your laptop doesn't compare to seeing one on the big screen with big sound.  The scene is a nasty bit of business inside an elevator in SHIELD HQ where agents pile in at every stop and try to capture Cap to no avail.  Then some scenes from the trailer played along with some new footage which got me giddy as a school boy.  Hopefully they do a double feature of The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier in April.

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