Monday, October 21, 2013

Workout of the Day: Bicep Trauma

I love training in gyms but in Los Angeles, they're a bit of a pain.  However, there's nothing like a warehouse full of equipment filled with naturally and un-naturally buffed out persons to get you motivated and change up your workout.  Thus was the case this weekend when I hit up Gold's Gym in Hollywood while my car was getting some routine maintenance nearby.  I trained at Gold's last year with a Groupon deal and would frequently see Will Ferrell dripping a sweat at 6:00AM while rocking tee shirts of his own films and a hella nice mustache, must have been getting ready for Anchorman:  Da Sequel.  If you're wondering, he did a lot of circuit training.  There's also lots and lots of people in short shorts, which would be nice if some of those people were women...

Today was a shoulders and arm session that included:

1)  Arnold Press/Preacher Curl/Dumbbell Extension
2)  Rope Pushdown/Preacher Cable Curl/Side Delt Machine Raises
3)  Rear Dumbbell Raises/Low Incline Dumbbell Curl/Lying Dumbbell Extension

Followed by Forearms and 15 minutes on the bike.

Gold's of course has a smoothie bar which serves you protein dranks in brightly colored cups reminiscent of Panda Express.  I felt pretty good afterwards but that night and the following day, my arms would be SCREAMING in dull aching pain.  Pretty sure that's a sign I overdid it.  Damn you Van Damme and Larry Scott!

In case you didn't know, Preacher Curls are a great way to add thickness to your biceps and really help fill in the space between your muscle and elbow, giving you that nice, football shaped muscle.  Some people have short, naturally high peaking biceps so they're better off doing exercises to accentuate said peak like concentration curls.  I myself do not have that so go the Scott and VD route using Preacher and Spider curls to work the brachialis (muscle between bi's and tri's) that can make your arms look wider.  Scott also advocated doing half reps at the end of each set so really induce a burn which is probably whey I'm in pain today...

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