Monday, October 14, 2013

(Not so) Live Goods: Gravity at Grauman's Chinese

Saturday was all about Hollywood.  First was a screening of Gravity in IMAX 3D at the newly renovated Grauman's Chinese Theatre.  Holding up to 932 guests, Grauman's is now the largest IMAX theater in the world...for seating capacity.  The screen looked bigger than Fake IMAX aka LieMAX but still wasn't so large as Universal Citywalk where you have to whip and tilt your head to keep up with the action.  Or maybe the seating is just designed better so you don't have to.  Remember kids, there's only a handful of REAL IMAX screens in Southern California, Universal Citywalk, The Bridge at Howard Hughes and Edwards in Irvine.

Gravity has been gobbling up box office moola and has glowing reviews to match.  It's definitely incredibly well made, exciting and intense.  It's nice to see Sandra Bullock still on top of the game 20 years after Demolition Man ("Take this job and shovel it.") and Speed ("Get your ass behind the line.") while Julia Roberts struggles to stay relevant.  George Clooney delivers a typical performance which means he's affable, funny and easy to like.  I kept wondering when he was going to get blown up since this was a Sandy feature.  It definitely makes you want to watch more space movies like Armageddon, Space Cowboys and The Right Stuff.

The 3D was pretty solid with grand vistas of Earth, space, flying debris and first person shots but again, it can't quite be immersive when you can see the edge of the screens and peoples heads in front of you...the sound was the first thing to catch my attention as the sound (or shock) waves rippled the fabric of my pants.

Trailers for sequels to Hunger Games and The Hobbit looked great on this screen though:

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