Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gotta Drank! Ralph's VS Costco

Monday was for math when I tried to figure out the cost difference for the world's best selling Irish Whiskey, Jameson, between Ralph's "Buy 6, get 30% off" deal and Costco's daily price for their super sized bottle. Basically, Ralph's sells 750 ml for around $22.00 with the discount. Buying 6 of those means 750 x 6 = 4,500 ml at a cost of $22.00 x 6 = $132.00 and with 1,000 ml = 1 liter that puts Ralph's at $29.33 per liter of Jameson. While Costco sells a 1.75 l bottle or 1,750 ml for $36.00. I bought 2 bottles so $36.00 x 2 = $72.00 for 3,500 ml which means Costco charges $20.57 per liter. Phew! Apparently, Jameson has been coming out of Ireland since 1708 and sells something like 48 million bottles a year. Keep it up guys.

 About 3 seconds before the action of this clip, Daniel Craig downs 3 shots like nothing:

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