Monday, October 28, 2013

Elbow Rocket! Accountability

Looks like a busy week, time to bust out the Action Item aka To Do list so I can spend equal time on each project.  Back in the 80's, writer/director/cinema savior James Cameron had three projects going simultaneously; rewriting his directorial vehicle, The Terminator, then as a hired gun on the sequel to Alien (which he would go on to direct, with Michael Biehn and Bill Paxton starring!) and the second installment of the Rambo franchise (where little of his contribution made it on screen).  He set up three different typewriters, figured out how many pages he needed to write for each per day, played different music for each project then got to work until he was finished. Seems easy enough right?  So remember, some people are given lists to do while others make the list.  Go out and make yours, internets.

"Yeah, yeah, I know about the P.T.A., but this is just parents who don't want to take responsibility for controlling their kids.  They work or are divorced or something.  They think they don't have the time."
    - Arnold Schwarzenegger on blaming others instead of being accountable

Arnie's Twitter buddy James Cameron on being The Man:

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