Friday, September 13, 2013

Van Dammage: Payback

"So I've got all this promotion, I've got The View booked, the New York Times … They say, 'If you go there, the movie will do well.' But my dog (Scarface) is sick, he had a stroke. Brain stroke. So, clinically, he's dead.  "I go to the clinic and he's got tubes and everything. I love animals. I talk in his ear and I kiss him, and guess what? The fucker wakes up! We have to get him in a cage, so I get the biggest one, and I sleep there with him. What, I'm gonna promote JCVD? Who's JCVD? He's the guy we saw in the movie. Why change him in real life? So, Scarface was alive next to me. He had a tube in his penis, I had to change it. And now he's an amazing dog. He loves me like crazy. And JCVD's gone, but Scarface is here. And God paid me back with Expendables 2. Voilà."
     Jean-Claude Van Damme

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