Friday, September 6, 2013

Track Star: Pacific Rim

I had very little interest in seeing Pacific Rim.  The concept seemed like a mix of Transformers and Godzilla, Guillermo Del Toro is a talented and funny guy but his films don't match his fanboy worship, the trailers looked BAD with their mix of physical and computer created elements and quasi painful dialog.  Maybe it was those low expectations, not knowing what the movie was really about mixed with the fact it was incredibly well made, funny, exciting and original that made Pacific Rim my favorite film of the summer.  It was just the most fun I had and I left the theater in a great mood.  The soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi is fantastic from the very start and primes you for a wonderful 2 hours.  Even if it features a loud mouth douche on guitar but give credit where it's due.

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