Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer Cinema Shootout: June

It's been a pretty mild summer weather wise up until these past couple of weeks so going to the movies is always a good way to get out of the heat.  Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z and This Is The End popped back into theaters to wring that last bit of cash out of summer movie goers.  I saw two of those back in June which was far from filled with gloom, movie wise.  Instead we got superheroes, buddy action flicks and end of the world scenarios via Rapture and Zombies.

Man Of Steel:  Surprisingly enjoyable, action and spectacle overload. Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner as my two dads was a nice touch but their extended screen time just shows you how boring Superman is on his own.

This Is The End:  Really funny, great cast and one of the greatest endings of the year.  Michael Cera's coked out version of himself was his best performance probably ever.  Was waiting for someone to go full JCVD and do a monologue to camera.

World War Z:  Solid, quasi-realistic, globe hopping, epidemic evading, adult entertainment thriller.  The quiet, reworked last act was a welcome change from the explosions and destruction we got with Iron Man Three, Star Trek and Superman.

White House Down:  Like an 80's buddy movie with cheese, excitement and jokes.  Has several moments that are uber ridiculous that you're sure the filmmakers are aware of but do it anyway.  I mean the President fires a grenade launcher out of the back of a SUV, what do you want?

The Heat:  The buddy movie that could, funny and purposely cringe worthy on multiple occasions.  Nice to see Biff back on the big screen as well, butthead!

Much Ado About Nothing:  Once you get used to the Shakespeare lingo, it's good times with lots of laughs and that kid from Gladiator all growed up but looking virtually the same.

June Champion:  A tie between This Is The End and World War Z.

Couldn't find the JCVD scene in English so settle for this:

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