Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gotta Eat! Gates VS Arthur Bryant's Barbeque

It's almost time for me to be in another wedding and the bachelor party is this weekend.  The sunny southern California locale will be a marked difference from the last bachelor party I attended this past spring in what would be snowy Kansas City, Missouri.  While there we sampled three barbeque institutions: Jack Stack, Gates and Arthur Bryant's.  I'll only get into Gates and Bryant's since Jack Stack was more of an actual restaurant while the latter two were hole in the wall types.

Gates had the atmosphere: bustling, orders taken in code (B on B!), confusion and a hidden back dining room.  After ordering you were hustled down the line before paying so it was a little weird.  The BBQ itself is not my favorite since the meat was slathered in sauce of a vinegar base and I hate that tangy shit.  The meat was lukewarm and the flavor just didn't jump out at me, well besides the sauce...

Arthur Bryant's was more my style, easily navigated, one order window and not too hectic.  The meat came tender and without sauce, you could add your own at the table.  It was crowded but not uncomfortably so, patrons had come from all over and easily mixed in with locals.  If I were in the area again, I would definitely come back to Arthur Bryant's.

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