Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gotta Drank! Bodega Wine Bar

Before taking advantage of my American Cinematheque membership at the Aero Theatre for an early screening of Prisoners, we checked out Bodega Wine Bar on Broadway for Happy Hour.  Pretty fancy yet chill joint inside.  I tried to order whiskey but was told they only had beer, wine, Soju and sake, duh.  So I went with a blood orange Soju cocktail and it was nice and smooth.  They had another one named after Bruce Lee which is a little weird since Soju is Korean and Bruce Lee is Chinese (or as Vince Vaughn would say, The Chi-nee)...

Soju means "burned liquor" and is usually consumed "neat" which means straight up, room temperature.  Fortunately for those of us who favor taste while getting drunk, the Soju cocktail is alive and well in the states.  Bodega had a decent Happy Hour menu as well with grilled cheese, pizza and other shareable, finger foods.

Cocktail?  Fruit?  Fruit cocktail?

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