Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gotta Drank! The 3rd Stop

After seeing The World's End, I really felt like having a pint (In Bruges had the same effect).  But being a beer loather ("You just have to get used to the taste."  Well I could get used to drinking my own urine but I don't do that and it's good for you.)  makes it a little difficult.  Enter, Cider, fermented apple juice that is gluten free and has a stronger alcohol content than most beers.  I used to judge an establishment by the brand of Cider they served, if they did at all.  You'll likely find Wyder's Pear Cider or Woodchuck around but those are just too sweet.  The gold standard is Strongbow, the dry, crisp, not too sweet label from England.  Just a few years ago you could only find it in English style pubs or high end groceries like Whole Foods.  Now they sell it at your local Ralph's (or Kroeger, regionally speaking).  Magner's is another fine brand of cider from Ireland but I've only seen it served in one southern California establishment.  If a bar is serving Strongbow, they've probably been around a long time.

The 3rd Stop has 30 some beers on tap and one cider that isn't Strongbow or Magner's.  They used to serve The Bow once upon a time but the cider revolution hadn't occurred yet.  Once again, I'm just a man out of and ahead of time. They make up for the lack of cider by being a solid gastropub though with an attractive happy hour that includes $4 wine and drafts as well as your typical pub fare of burgers, wings and pizza.  It's also right across the street from a huge hospital so you'll feel like you missed a memo about the wearing scrubs convention.

Cider is coming up but this is usually the reaction people give me (and relax, it's a joke, it's a great movie, so do yourself a favor, rent it, watch it, lock it in a box for a year then watch it again):

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